About WYZE Projects

All successful transformation projects, strategy initiatives and positioning plans are based on strong stories, theses, scenarios and metaphors. This is no coincidence – because strategic narratives are highly effective. They unfold dynamics by bundling energies, defining guard rails, setting positional lights, formulating the sense of urgency, and providing decision heuristics. Moreover, they ensure sustainability of change by linking structures and processes with visions and normative foundations, safeguarding consistency of action and ensuring that organizations remain open and receptive to their environment.

WYZE Projects helps knowledge-intensive organizations to carve out a clear and future-robust positioning, to master complexity and uncertainty narratively, to increase the effectiveness of strategies through strong storylines and to secure successful changes processes through communication. Our clients include global corporations, medium-sized companies, innovative start-ups and business service providers.


Andreas Grund


Dimitrij Naumov

Managing Partner

Frédéric Titze

Associate Director