Innovations, impulses and best practices for the management of digital change in Germany and China

For decades China has been somewhat derogatory called “workbench of the world”. But you can’t do it without workbenches. And in this capacity, the Middle Kingdom has become an engine of globalization. As an innovation factory, however, China barely made its appearance. But this division of labor is a thing of the past.

The key to change is digitization. Due to the advance of Industry 4.0, Germany and China have the fascinating opportunity for an evolution at eye level – and completely new forms of cooperation. China has much more to offer than cheap labour, and Germany is proving to be an internationally admired innovator in unlocking the Internet of Things.

What the future of cooperation between Germany and China can look like is shown in the book by XU Corporate Education GmbH, which was created with the support of WYZE Projects. In particular, it is also about which impressive examples of Industry 4.0 applications already exist and what role the core technologies of digitization will play in the future.

In addition to a general introduction focusing on the future of Industry 4.0, the book deals with selected core technologies of digitization: robotics, industrial IoT, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented & virtual reality. Finally, the book in the chapter “Competition and Cooperation” addresses the question of how cooperation between the two countries can be shaped in the future.

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