The how of an ambitious vision

Having lost sight of our goals, we redouble our efforts.

Mark Twain

Digitisation doesn’t just require the re-evaluation of strategic positioning, the technology portfolio, or current and future business models of a company.

Equally important is a pragmatic roadmap for the implementation of the strategic vision: this is important to both ensure common development of processes and structures, IT infrastructure, working methods and culture, and to realise successful pilot projects.

There is little difference between succeeding and failing at digitisation in this regard: if only one success factor remains neglected, the whole strategic digitalisation initiative can end as a costly paper tiger. WYZE Projects employs a modular approach to digitisation to ensure that all relevant factors are considered for a successful transition.

WYZE Projects unterstützt Sie beim Aufbau und der Führung Ihrer High Performance Teams insbesondere bei kritischen Projekten mit strategischer Tragweite. Wir verbinden Scrum-basierte Methoden des agilen Projektmanagements mit klassischen Ansätzen und umfassender Expertise in der projektbegleitenden Kommunikation und konzentrieren uns auf besonders wirksame Treiber, um Teams besser und effizienter zu machen.

Vision & roadmap

Successful digitisation initiatives start with a clear understanding of the project goals. When you can define the success parameters from strategic, operational, technological, or cultural perspectives, you can actually make a project a success.

WYZE Projects stands as a sparring partner in the development of a sustainable vision for digitisation as well as the creation of a detailed and implemented roadmap. Together, we’ll develop a conceptional objective which is both ambitious and satisfies the complex aspects and dimensions of your organisation.

Designing target-oriented roadmaps

The issue of defining success and your goal is anything but trivial. For example, if the conceptional objective contains qualitative and quantitative factors, incompatible performance indicators, process- and result-oriented guidelines and competing goals. Or if there is no full commitment from management to the project, or the weight of the most important experts or service providers is not conclusively behind the initiative in addition to it not being understood and accepted by stakeholders. This is particularly applicable to action-oriented initiatives and projects which are dictated by the organisation in a top-down manner. Starting without a full understanding of the actual structural potential and limitations nearly always proves fatal.

Story & commitment

Strategic digitisation initiatives also change the social system of the organisation. Cultural sureness, career principals, established interaction patterns and working methods can be quickly put to use.

Without prudent direction for this initiative, a deep level of uncertainty can paralyse the organisation. The consequences are often serious and range from resignations and breakdowns in employee commitment to loss of expertise and obstructive behaviour towards the newly introduced digital structures, systems, and processes.

Storytelling for digitisation

This transition provides an opportunity to make the overall organisation more dynamic, awaken slumbering potential and increase engagement and commitment significantly. The key to this lies in developing a sustainable, inclusive story and effectively conveying this to individual target groups both inside and outside the company.

Make your digital transformation tellable with WYZE Projects:

  • We find the right content, channels, and formats to develop an effective and sustainable means to convey your story about your strategic digitisation initiatives.
  • We analyse different stakeholder perspectives: we use the right arguments and metaphors to formulate transparent goals to clear up any scepticism or worries.
  • We present opportunities to participate and establish a clearly structured feedback process.
  • We organise commitment and ensure the step-by-step building of understanding, acceptance, and agreement for your digitisation strategy.
  • We use feedback to help you gain insights into the perception and evaluation of your vision by both internal and external stakeholders, strengthening the effectiveness and sustainability of your strategy.

IT transformation & agility programs

High-performance IT systems which contribute value to your digital roadmap are critical to success. However, all too often complex system introductions and digitalisation initiatives are given insufficient budgets, experience performance problems, lack acceptance and undergo release delays.

The classic roots of these issues are both insufficient time given to initialisation of complex programs or initiatives and lack of coordination, professional management of the project portfolio or the overall backlog. Furthermore, established working methods do not always effectively support the short cycles of digital service and product development. The specific challenge in this regard lies not in the radical restructuring of established structures, rather in combining the classic waterfall and stage gate processes with agile methods and instruments.

WYZE Projects supports you in getting your IT projects and digital initiatives safely across the finish line together with internal stakeholders and external service providers. Together we’ll make your organisation quicker, more agile and more effective in addition to ensuring the lasting success of your projects.

Our key areas:

  • Programme and multi-project management and the project office
  • Business alignment, project planning and resource management
  • Choosing and directing service providers
  • Introducing agile methods and instruments

Programme and project management

Companies often implement their strategic digitisation initiatives in the form of focused programmes or (large) projects.

These have a number of goals: changing the technology and service portfolio or business model can be just as much a focus as intensifying client service, increasing efficiency of operational units or adjusting the supply chain. In this regard it is normally high levels of complexity, time and budget pressure which come out on top, often with the backing of top and senior managers.

This is the demanding environment where WYZE Projects steps in as your competent partner for all phases of project management from initialisation and planning right through to the direction and implementation of complex programs. We’ll help you to implement your initiatives successfully, support you with your turnaround for projects in jeopardy and implement the necessary structures and processes.

Our key areas:

  • Programme steering & portfolio management, business alignment, stakeholder management
  • Programme & project controlling and benefit tracking
  • Programme and multi-project management, project office
  • Implementing project management processes and methods
  • Turnaround management

Insights and ecosystems

Digital innovations only work long term when they are “context sensitive” and network compatible. Ideas which are excellent in and of themselves and highly efficient technologies often fail during digital transformation when they do not suit their economic, legal, socio-cultural, or technological environment.

At the same time, speed and the interdisciplinary convergence of the digital market require solutions and a pool of expertise which can only really be implemented in collaborations and value networks.

System for permanent knowledge sharing

For this reason, companies are well advised to have their digital initiatives and strategies confront different perspectives, improve their ability to collaborate and establish a system which enables them to access a variety of knowledge. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming victims of their own filter bubbles and echo chambers.

WYZE Projects supports you in building and operating a multidisciplinary ecosystem. We develop innovative formats to have you confront everything from new insights, experiences, scenarios and research findings to core topics and digitisation; we’ll also help you to increase your collaboration competences.